Friday, May 20, 2022

First of all, Spend a great time ‘Thinking’ about your business. Ask yourself why are you starting it in the first place, What do you want to do with it, How are your goals aligned with it and is it really something you will be able to immerse yourself in for the next two years to say the least. Figure out who your customer is, Where he or she lives, What He or she does and What does He or she is looking for.

After figuring all out, Just give a goal or even better a Vision for your business. What is the Ultimate destination Do you want to take your Business to. Is it X crores of turnover or X number of paying customers in X amount of time.

Before getting started on my first startup in Bhopal 2 years ago, I figured it all out which helped me a lot later.

After you are done with everything inside your head, Plan a great team. It has been rightly said that a product can only be good as the team building it. Bring awesome people onboard, give them responsibilities and if possible provide minor equity/share to your first few team mates so that they do their work with proper motivation. Make everything clear to them, talk with them, Make friends with them. Consult your Business strategy and make adjustments if needed.

Have a good looking, easy to use Website even if your business is not online based. If it is, the statement applies even more. Again, Take help of experienced professionals or even startups who do websites.

Use technology (Softwares, Mobile apps, Hardware) to make your day to day Business easier.

On the Business side, Give the number one priority to your customers, Offer surprising levels of customer service, Be available to them, Make them happy. This simple statement will boost your sales figure to a level where even you will be surprised to see at.

Do great Marketing. Innovative methods of Marketing will make you a Brand within the city. It isn’t necessary to have tons of money for Good marketing. All you need to do is to convince people to buy/use your product in an innovative way.

Expand speedly. Don’t keep celebrating on your sales figures. Expand on to different territories, Keep innovating on the product side, Plan different products for different people and have an awesome product lineup.

Keep innovating, Don’t fear on Competition (there is no such thing like competition). Make customers extremely happy, Expand speedly, Make yourself known to people who aren’t even customers, Take help of media.

And last but not the least, Keep yourself motivated, Don’t fear failure ( Failure is a necessity) Believe yourself.

Best wishes for your Startup, Do update me on your startup ( if possible)


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